New Business Optimum Performance takes athletes from all levels to the top of their game.

New Maidstone based, personal training company, Optimum Performance, takes athletes at all levels to the top of their game.

Optimum Performance was founded by Jamie Bird, a sports performance and injury recovery specialist personal trainer. The aim of Optimum Performance is to work with athlete’s on their fitness, nutrition and injuries, through personal training. Areas that may be missed, inside and outside of sport specific training.

Jamie is a firm believer in training hard, but also training smart using proven techniques that have taken his previous clients to the next level. Having developed their very own OP Model, from years of experience. They focus on physical fitness, sensory motor skills, mindset focus, nutrition and recovery. As well as helping clients recover from past injury and strengthen to prevent future injuries. All while working alongside the athlete’s coach, they provide elite training.

Optimum Performance is based in Maidstone, training clients in Core The Gym. In Jamie’s words “it really is a great facility; it doesn’t set a cap on what’s possible for my athletes and allows them to gain the most out of their training programs”.

As well as personal training, Optimum Performance also deliver team training, through their OP Initiative. Working exclusively with one team each season, it truly allows the club to increase their fitness and get the edge to help them succeed.

Jamie is a keen athlete, with a background in many sports including competitive swimming, American Football, Jiu Jitsu and is currently learning to play golf. In Jamie’s words:

“I love my job, there is something about seeing people succeed & being a part of it, that’s awesome & humbling. I like helping people get into the mindset of ‘I can do anything’. Everyone starts somewhere & I am here to recognise that. If you’re an athlete who wants to move & feel better at optimum performance, I’ll help you get there.”

To celebrate the launch this month they have a special offer and are welcoming on board founding members. Offering new clients 25% off their OP Athlete package, a free t-shirt and free in-depth nutrition consultation.

To learn more about Optimum Performance and how Jamie can support you or your team visit www.myopfitness.com email info@myopfitness.com or message @myopfitness on Facebook.


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