Tenants at Kent Science Park gave something back this Christmas by filling and decorating hampers for the children and their families who will be spending the holiday season at Demelza Hospice. In order to encourage people to get involved, Kent Science Park held a competition to see who could come up with the most Christmassy looking design for their hamper.

Almost 20 hampers were entered into the Park-wide competition, and entrants were given a box, a £5 starter donation from KSP, the age of the person they were making the hamper for and whether they were a girl or boy. After that, participants were allowed to decorate it however they pleased, and fill it with any appropriate gifts.
There were some extraordinarily innovative designs this year, with the hampers created to resemble houses, crackers, sleighs and even the Coca Cola truck. In the end though, it was an igloo designed by Dovetail Services that triumphed over them all, with Father Christmas on hand to award the team with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate for their efforts.

IMG_1902James Speck, Site Director at Kent Science Park, commented on the success of the competition, “This is the third year we have run the competition, and once again the tenants have taken it to another level. This is the most amount of hampers we’ve ever received and I am astounded by the thought and effort that has gone into the competition. One of the hampers was completely edible and another featured a buzzing circuit game, which was powered by a wind up battery. As you can imagine, picking the winner was not easy!”

“What really matters though is that all of the hampers have gone to a incredibly worthwhile cause. The work that Demelza does is vital to our community, and it is wonderful to see that our tenants recognise that too. We are all hoping that the hampers will bring a little extra joy to the children and their families this Christmas.”

Keith Lee, Corporate Partnerships Executive at Demelza Hospice, came to the Park to collect the hampers. He added, “We are incredibly grateful to Kent Science Park for organising the Christmas hamper competition each year. Not only does it make Christmas much more exciting for the children we care for, but it also puts a smile on their parents’ faces too. Every year the hampers get better and better, and every year I have to bring an even bigger van! Thank you so much to everybody who took part.”

If you would like to make a donation to Demelza Hospice, please visit their website: www.demelza.org.uk and click the donate button. Alternatively, please call on 01795 845200 or email info@demelza.org.uk. To view photos of all the hamper entries this year, please visit the Kent Science Park Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kentsciencepark.


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