Briggy Anderson, who formally headed up the consumer division at an international comms agency, has set up her own consultancy in Bromley.

The newly founded agency, Phoenix Rose PR and Communications, offers public relations and communications for brands and businesses in health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The agency also offers PR coaching for business owners and leaders who may need short terms support or for start-ups.

Briggy Anderson, founder says: ‘After two decades agency side, I am delighted to say I now have a consultancy of my own. Bromley is an excellent location, having lived here for many years. I am a huge fan of its convenience to London.

Lockdown hit just as my company was officially live, this didn’t deter me.  In fact, it spurred me on.

In my view if you can build a successful business during hard times just imagine what great things you can achieve when prosperity returns. 

The agency’s name ‘Phoenix Rose’ is symbolic of the time we are in and represents new beginnings and optimism, ‘when the phoenix has risen’ it’s the ultimate time to do business.

I have had the privilege of starting my new venture with clients on board. The entire process of winning and on-boarding, from pitch to contract, was all done remotely during locked down.

It’s been one of the busiest and most challenging periods of my life because of lockdown but I look forward to building the business and creating opportunities locally.

Formerly Briggy headed up PR & Communications for brands such as Bupa Dental, Specsavers Audiology and Seven Seas.

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