MUSE-LOGOLocal specialist ad agency Woodreed has launched a unique new digital service available on subscription for businesses of all sizes, created specifically to improve the quality and effectiveness of their internal communications.

With a business of just 100 people losing an estimated £400,000 every year through the need to clarify communications to employees*, and trust in organisations recently revealed to be at an all-time low, Woodreed Directors Jo Moffatt and Charlotte Dahl set out to do something about it.

Muse offers a super speedy expert writing and editing service for all employee communications, along with a library of handpicked content from a range of relevant topic areas supported by training exercises to help people get better at writing. It also provides its members with a secure community area to discuss, debate and share ideas, expertise and gain impartial advice (away from the glare of consultants and sales bods on LinkedIn).

Woodreed’s MD, Jo says: “We kept seeing the same challenges arising among our clients again and again – how to maintain a high standard of consistent employee communications when there are often multiple creators, a need to keep on top of latest industry insights, trends and development, and a desire to learn from others outside their own organisations. These were our inspiration for Muse.”

Since the launch of Muse at the start of 2017 it has already secured two member organisations, Peugeot Citroën and Engage for Success, the UK’s leading movement promoting the value of employee engagement. The team at Peugeot Citroën had this to say:

“You think you’ve ‘nailed it’ until you see how with a few subtle changes from Muse it reads even better. This has really helped not only to improve our communications but also to coach our team in what is needed to really achieve our Tone of Voice”.

Nichola-Jayne Thomas Head of Reward, Relations and Development, Peugeot Citroën


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