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A two-pronged attack on tax cheats in Kent and the South East has been launched by HM Revenue and Customs, DSH Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors has warned.

Two taskforces have been briefed to target the transport industry and individuals and businesses who attempt to hide their wealth, according to Glen Thomas, Tax Partner from the Maidstone office of DSH.

“The two taskforces will be tackling those in the transport sector who do not declare income or who supply or use illegal fuel, and any individuals or businesses who use offshore accounts or other means to conceal their wealth,” said Glen.

Glen-Thomas-Day-Smith-HunterThe campaigns take in businesses and individuals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“HMRC is making it clear that it intends to come down hard on tax cheats in the region, and that is a timely reminder for all those in business to ensure their tax affairs are in order,” said Glen.

“While those who deliberately set out to avoid paying tax are the targets of the latest campaigns, the action is a sign of HMRC’s resolve to ensure everyone pays their share, and businesses should work with their accountants to make sure their tax affairs are in order.”

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