nev-ll-fix-itVosTel is an IP telephony company specialising in business telecoms, many companies would have heard of or used VoIP but some will not have heard of IP telephony, VoIP or internet telephones.

Many businesses already use the cost-saving and feature-rich aspects that VoIP offers especially now the initial cost outlay for hardware has been massively reduced by companies such as VosTel offering a hosted solution to customers. Even the cost of installing a full server-based IP telephone system in your premises has been slashed in recent years with technology advancing at a rapid pace.

One company that has recognised and taken advantage of the move towards VoIP is a Tonbridge based garage/vehicle workshop run by Neville Smith. Nev’ll Fix It is one of the Kent’s largest independent workshops and invests heavily in equipment to ensure they can service their customers vehicles to the highest level, this also shines through in his internal office systems too hence the move to VosTel’s IP telephony platform in February of this year.

Brad Monks of VosTel and Neville originally met when Brad managed a motor factor business in Tonbridge 15 years ago, Nev’ll Fix It has grown considerably since then and they could both see a benefit, in terms of cost and functionality, to follow the VoIP telecoms route and a recent email proves the decision was the correct one –

”…I can also tell you that our cost saving per month is in excess of £250.00 quite some saving and at this rate the system will be paid for quicker than expected. ”.

Take a look at for more information and feedback on what VosTel customers have to say about IP telephony.
Although based in Sussex VosTel have a number of Kent based clients as well as clients worldwide, the beauty of IP telephony is that it is non-geographic! This means that Neville can have remote extension at his home that acts exactly like an extension within his office, calls can be transferred across the world as easily as across an office.

With the increasing stability and reliance of ADSL2+ broadband connections along with the rollout of fibre broadband through Kent it is easy to see why IP telephony is no longer the domain of the larger companies, now even the smallest of businesses can enjoy the vast array of features that VoIP offers such as voicemail-to-email, IVR (press 1 for sales, 2 for support…) and call recording to name but a few.

In short VoIP is the way telecoms is going, AT & T (the BT equivalent in the US) have recently petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to retire fixed line telephony for business, if it happens over there it will doubtless happen here soon.

Nev’ll Fix It is just one example of the bespoke solutions that VosTel can offer, if your business or company would like to see what IP telephony can offer then a FREE and unbiased 6 page report on the subject can be found online at

I am also sure Neville would be happy to discuss his telecoms system with you whilst you wait for his technicians to complete any work on your vehicle!


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