pentascapeKent-based website and technology company, Pentascape, has announced a move back to The Business Terrace, the Maidstone-based business hub where they had their first office. The move, into a newly opened wing of larger offices, also sees Pentascape launch an innovative new service model to meet the needs of growing businesses.

For directors, Chris and Liz, the office move is a return to roots. When the company launched in 2015, the pair occupied a small office at The Business Terrace. The location was ideal for their needs as a start-up. The company moved elsewhere in 2016 due to rapid growth, since The Business Terrace was at-capacity at the time. However, now that the new block has opened with spaces suitable for more established businesses, Pentascape has returned with its team.

The move has given the company a fresh opportunity to develop and refine its services. A key focus for Pentascape is on facilitating business growth, an ethos which is well-aligned with that of The Business Terrace. The company has announced a brand new approach to their offering, based around the collaborative working relationships modern businesses are looking for.

Pentascape now works with clients in four new streams:

Pentascape START – A new approach to small business websites: A suite of programmes designed specifically to empower start-ups, solo business-owners, and small businesses with building, growing and maintaining their business website. Pentascape FORGE – Bringing technically complex ideas to market quickly: A skilled team to architect, design and build new websites, apps or digital systems for businesses and funded tech start-ups who want to launch a new idea.

Pentascape RUN – Integrated hosting, development, support and marketing: Keeping websites and systems running smoothly and successfully, with ongoing development, managed hosting and technical SEO that gets measurable results – for businesses who want to move forward online.

Pentascape THINK. Design, user experience and technology consulting: Expertise centred around large-scale digital transformation projects,  for public and private sectors or funding-backed high-tech startups.

The model is an innovative move away from a traditional client-supplier relationship, to joined-up, forward-thinking working partnerships, which have been well-received by a number of new clients.

Director and consultant, Liz Willmott, said “It’s great to be going back to our roots with our brand new office in The Business Terrace. With the many start up business services available at the Terrace, this fits well with our commitment to give back to the business community by sharing our expertise with other Kent businesses. Plus it’s an excellent place for our clients to come and visit.

“It is also a great creative space to further develop our specialist services for businesses, agencies and tech start-ups, which is at the core of what we do.

“As well as being our new home, we will continue our free website advice sessions, which so many new and pre-start-up companies have already benefitted from. It’s a perfect opportunity to be part of making local small businesses flourish in Kent.

“We’re now refining our services, so we are really looking forward to taking the next step in growing Pentascape to serve our varied client base”.

And The Business Terrace has welcomed Pentascape with open arms.

“I always quote Pentascape as a success story. They were the first people to move into our offices but they quickly outgrew their space. We have now completed our third expansion and renovation plan, and we are delighted to be able to support Pentascape’s growth plans once again by welcoming them back. And we’re really pleased to have their specialist web skills back on site.” says Sean Henry, Business Hub Manager, The Business Terrace

With Pentascape’s growth plans, it is expected that this will open up further job opportunities with the team for local people. Pentascape is now based at Office 17, The Business Terrace, King St, Maidstone ME15 6AW


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