jules-on-airSCOFF & QUAFF, a brand new digital radio show dedicated to food & drink, launched on Tuesday 6th November, celebrating Kentish cuisine.

The show’s presenter Jules Serkin from Whitstable discusses the latest food news and cooking & recipe tips from the finest local producers & catering services. The show airs live at 11-12pm every Tuesday and again on Fridays at 6-7pm. You can also tune in any time on


Paul Andrews, director of Channel Radio and presenter of The Business Bunker show with Jules, said:

“The Channel Radio Listenership is running at 5,000 visits and growing, we’re getting a brilliant response from businesses around Kent, Surrey, Essex , London & beyond, so it’s definitely the moment to expand out.”

Jules said:

“Having co-presented the Business Bunker with Kent entrepreneur Paul Andrews it struck me just how many amazing food & drink businesses we have here in Kent, having sampled everything on the show from cider to scorpions, I decided to take the plunge. I’m working with a great team, including Hilde-Marie Smith, Liz & Caroline Asteraki, & Dr. John Sykes. After the pilot show we’ve had great interest from food businesses & also PR agencies from around the county.”

Regular features include the popular “Elevenses “,  “What’s Cookin’ ” with South Africa’s Hilde-Marie Smith of Catering4Kent and “What’s in Season” with Canterbury sisters Caroline & Liz Asteraki, from Riverford Organic. Dr. John Sykes is also a regular co-presenter on the show.If you’re a food business, Jules would love to hear from you.

Drop her an email at or Tweet @julesserkin



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