kent-science-parkKent Science Park got 2014 off to an extremely positive start by hosting a blood donation session on Tuesday 28th January. 73 people turned up to donate their blood on the day, with a further 10 people wanting to contribute on the reserve list.

Each year, Kent Science Park hosts three blood donation sessions, which it promotes to the 1500 people based on the site. There were two blood donation vans open on the Park between 09:30 and 16:30 running at full capacity. These attracted donors from all of the different businesses at KSP, with a combination of seasoned regulars and first time donors.

Rosie Collins was one of the 12 new donors who had never given blood before.

She commented, “It was my first time donating blood and something that was quite daunting. The National Blood Service staff did however make it a speedy and relaxing process, so I had nothing to worry about. It is wonderful that Kent Science Park makes it so easy for the tenants to give blood, and a lot of businesses will also give their staff time off to get involved. I had never given blood in the past because there was no easy way to do so, but now I work at KSP I can do it regularly. It was so rewarding to come out and know that I might have saved someone’s life. If you are nervous, that’s what you need to keep thinking about!”

Babs Knott is the Site Administrator at Kent Science Park and has been organising blood drives for the past 15 years.

She said, “I have always championed blood donation as a quick and easy way to help people – both in emergencies and with long-term treatment. It is by far one of the most rewarding things you can do in half an hour, as your blood can ultimately be a lifeline to someone else! In the 15 years we have been organising the blood drives, KSP has contributed over 3,000 units of blood to national blood reserves. This is a phenomenal figure and something I am certainly proud of. Each year it is fantastic to see so many of the Park’s tenants turning up to do their bit and make a difference.”

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