asb-lawKent based manufacturers can expect to get even more advice and support to help protect and grow their businesses as professional advisers from asb law LLP and Barclays, together with representatives of UKTI, presented a positive picture at a breakfast meeting back in June.

Debbie Venn a Senior Solicitor with asb law spoke in depth about how companies can protect their assets – a vital competitive advantage in today’s increasingly tough market. Representatives from UKTI added to this by highlighting the support available to companies looking to start exporting or expanding their export operations.

Mike Rigby, Head of Manufacturing at Barclays Corporate Finance, explained how, contrary to popular belief, manufacturing is still the largest part of the UK economy in income terms and also in terms of lending by UK banks.

Barclays is the second highest lender to manufacturing companies, and during the first six months of 2013 its lending to businesses was up by more than £5.6m. Delegates, representing manufacturers across the region, were given practical advice and support on how best to access the bank funding they need.

The event, held in June, was the second at which senior representatives from the sector came together, and was hosted by asb law with assistance from Barclays and Locate in Kent.

Russell Bell, Senior Partner at asb law said: “Manufacturers are pivotal to the local economy in Kent and with the right support they can continue to be a fantastic growth story in our county. The lawyers at asb law recognise that legal advice is best served when it is supporting commercial and business objectives and we make it our mission to ensure that we help clients minimise their risk while supporting their growth strategies.”

Mandy Bearne, Director of Marketing and Research at Locate in Kent said: “Kent is a manufacturing county with many major companies in this field such as BaE Systems, Delphi Diesels, Aesica and many other well known names. Manufacturing companies are often at the top of the list of the type of companies we assist to move into or expand in Kent, and we have recently assisted companies to move their manufacturing back to the UK from China. It is great that they can get together in this way and know that help and support tailored to their needs is available from asb law and Barclays, as well as UKTI.”

The next gathering of the group will be in September at Barclays’ new Kings Hill office.


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