Households Urged To Plan Ahead For Dramatic Rise In Boiler Breakdowns


With over 50% of domestic boiler breakdowns occurring between November and February*, consumers need to plan ahead to ensure that their heating systems are ready for the cold weather, according to heating experts at consumer advice specialists, The Heating Hub

After months of inactivity over the summer, the advent of colder winter weather will see many more householders reaching for the thermostat. For boilers that are already suffering from wear and tear, the increased strain of daily use can cause components to fail and breakdown. 

The Heating Hub’s Founder, Jo Alsop, explains: “It’s no great surprise that boiler breakdowns rise during the winter months when we rely on our heating systems more frequently, but faulty boilers can leave households without heating or hot water when they need it most.  

“With so many of us spending time indoors during Lockdown or working from home, we are using our boilers more intensively, which places additional strain on worn systems. Consumers need to consider the health of their heating system before the cold weather really sets in to ensure it is ready to withstand the rigours of winter. 

“Proper boiler installation and setup should ensure that new heating systems last more than 20 years; twice as long as the current average boiler lifespan in the UK. Although out of warranty repairs are an ongoing cost, over the long term it is generally cheaper than multiple boiler replacements. Consumers should adopt the mindset that boilers can often be repaired, and budget accordingly, rather than assuming they need a brand-new boiler every seven to 10 years.” 

A new boiler is a considerable investment for any household, so it is important to select the right boiler for your household’s needs. However, all too often consumers are being advised to fit an oversized boiler which, together with incorrect boiler setup and ineffective controls, means that the vast majority of new boilers do not run as they were designed to.  

Jo continued: “Consumers are getting short-changed on expected efficiencies and predicted boiler lifespans, which costs them £1000s over the lifetime of their boiler. 

“The Heating Hub specialises in helping consumers across the country to select the right boiler for their homes and connects them with a highly competent installer from our Elite Network capable of correctly fitting and setting up the boiler to achieve its highest efficiency levels. 

“Consumers who are worried that their boiler might not survive this winter can use The Heating Hub’s ‘Hero Support’ service to get a recommendation about the best boiler for their household requirements, ensuring they know the ideal boiler specifications for their home well in advance of any heating system failure.” 

The Heating Hub’s impartial Hero Support service provides householders with the facts about their heating systems along with independent, expert advice to help them select the very best boiler package for their household needs. The service takes care of the entire process of boiler research, selection and finding a local accredited installer. 

Furthermore, every boiler on The Heating Hub shortlist has been vetted by the company’s Expert Panel against a stringent set of criteria to ensure only the best, most energy efficient, and reliable boilers are recommended to customers. 

Jo concluded: “Our independent services take the hassle out of choosing and installing a new boiler, providing consumers with impartial advice, total peace of mind and the best heating solution for their home.” 

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