martin-and-co-doverMartin & Co are delighted to announce a merger with Halhams Estate Agents in Dover.

“Following our move to our new offices in King Street, and rapid growth of Martin & Co in Dover, we approached Gary Hall at Halhams in connection with the sale of his business.”, said Dennis Roodhardt, Managing Director of Martin & Co Dover.  “Although Halhams have run a successful agency in Dover, Gary wanted to dedicate his time to his favourite charity and leave his customers in safe hands.”

On completion of the sale Gary Hall left us with this message for his customers, which he also placed on the Halhams website:

“When approached by Martin and Co. (a company with which Halhams had maintained a healthy competitive relationship and who we know to share our core values) who were looking to increase their share of the lettings and sales business in the Dover area, we took their merger proposition seriously (approaches from others having been ignored or rebuffed). This approach, following a good deal of due diligence by both companies, led to an offer by Martin and Co. to purchase the business and goodwill of Paul Brown’s Estate Agents (trading as Halhams). The merger offer has now been accepted and both the lettings and sales business of Halhams will transfer to Martin and Co in Dover.”

dennis-roodhardt-martin-co-dover“We truly believe that our landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers will be better served by Martin and Co. who have the resources, the economy of scale, and the corporate clout to ensure that service levels will be improved. Furthermore, for existing Halhams customers, we have negotiated with Martin and Co. to safeguard current Halhams prices and rates but with the benefit of their improved service levels. The team at Martin and Co. will be contacting customers in due course to explain the process of the migration of your tenancy/tenancies and/or property sale from Halhams into their office systems and both companies will be working closely for a period to manage a successful handover.”

“This is a very favourable acquisition for Martin & Co in Dover,” said Dennis Roodhardt, Managing Director of Martin & Co Folkestone and Dover. “We’re really excited to meet our new landlords and vendors and will be inviting them all to a “Getting to Know You” evening later this year at our offices.  In the meantime, we’re making calls to them and carrying out all the necessary administrative tasks which will ensure a seamless transition to Martin & Co for our new landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers.”

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