eco carpetWhen it comes to rolling out the carpet, Lenleys has gone green!

The Canterbury furnishing store’s range of soft flooring now includes a carpet made out of bottles.

“When I first heard about this, I thought someone was pulling my leg,” says Mark Finch, salesman for flooring at Lenleys. “But then the sample came in from America and it really is amazingly soft and looks superb.”

Carpet manufacturer Mohawk collects more than 3 billion plastic bottles a year and recycles them into small flakes known as PET chips. These in turn are then processed to create a fibre that gets dyed and turned into carpets.

“Knowing that the carpet you’re walking on is totally recycled is just a great way of staying literally in touch with the environment,” said Mark. “I’m certain it is the future of flooring.”

Unlike many man-made fibres, which often flatten with continuous foot tread, the fibres on the Mohawk clean easily with warm water and keep their pile.

“The carpets have been selling really well with great customer feedback,” said Mark. “We also have another carpet, the Smartstrand which is made from corn oil would you believe it? These are not just a fad though as Mohawk is a trusted name and established for over 125 years.”

To see the Mohawk & Smartstrand carpets, contact: 01227 766655



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