8point3An industry first for the LED lighting market was launched at last week’s NEMEX energyLive show at Birmingham’s NEC by Dartford-based 8point3.

Lumitel allows 8point3 to remotely monitor energy-saving LED lighting systems installed for commercial and industrial clients, helping it ensure those clients maintain the most efficient systems possible.

The product, launched in conjunction with BOX telematics, has been installed as part of a major trial of 8point3 lighting systems at Rolls Royce’s Derby aero engines plant.

Around 30 lights have been fitted in the factory’s customer delivery centre, inspection bays and offices and conference rooms while Rolls Royce monitors energy and cost savings and the effect on staff working conditions.

“Lumitel is an important development in the LED market,” said Ashley Bateup, Managing Director of 8point3. “It allows us to monitor the performance of our systems remotely and constantly, ensuring they are performing as per our projections.

“While in general terms our systems are designed to have a life of 50,000 hours, the burn rate of the LED chips can vary over a long period. Lumitel helps us to monitor the rate at which that is taking place.”

The technology brings a number of benefits for 8point3’s clients, including the provision of up to date information on how their systems are performing against original projections, the energy efficiency of the systems, and it allows the company to extend warranties where that performance is exceeding original expectations.

“It is important our clients can see for themselves how their lighting systems are performing,” said Ashley. “They are businesses who want to see real returns on their investment, and Lumitel gives us the ability to present them with all the relevant figures to show they are getting that.”

8point3’s clients come from the private and public sectors and save up to 80 per cent on their energy costs through converting to LED lighting. The trial at Rolls Royce will last for three months.

The NEMEX energyLive show took place at Birmingham’s NEC from April 16-18 and showcased the latest advances in energy management.


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