Local HI-TECH firm ICOM have played a major role in the technology of a unique housing development in Kent for adults with learning disabilities.

ICOM provide telecoms, CCTV, security systems, cabling and data centre services and were contracted for their technical expertise for the new sophisticated housing development ‘Holly Lodge’ in Hildenborough, Kent. The project has been developed by charity mcch society ltd in consultation with challenging behaviour specialists, Kent County Council, with innovation at its heart.

ICOM provided the development with state of the art Assistive Technology which included movement sensors, flood sensors, infra-red beams, water management kits and further telehealthcare enabling. Each unit is controlled by finger print readers (biometrics) in addition to an emergency FOB and override key system as added security and safety for both residents and staff. An additional staff call alert system has been installed as a complimentary service to the Telecare system. All technology is monitored through the office or remotely by handheld devices. A key feature to the system is the ability to manage and maintain the equipment remotely through the telephone systems, reducing disturbance to the residents.

The ability to monitor clients through the Assistive Technology sensors can produce trend reports on movement, behavior patterns and other information useful for assessment and diagnostics for effective care management and accurate condition management.

This assisted technology gives the tenants with learning disabilities greater independence and safety. The five self-contained flats will support the security and personal development of the tenants, and it is anticipated that some of the tenants could potentially gain the skills and confidence in their new home to live in more mainstream housing, allowing further tenants to benefit from the development. Research has shown that if people with learning disabilities have more control over their environments with personalised support, this results in improved behavior and quality of life.

Kevin Godfrey, Group Sales Director for ICOM said, “ICOM Telesupport has worked for a while in the telehealthcare industry and with mcch in particular, we have a different approach with our solutions and were glad to be included on the Holly Lodge project to showcase innovative technology.”

Mcch society ltd is a charity that supports people with learning disability, autism and mental health needs across the South-East. Icom has a proven track record delivering complex solutions to the Care industry and has a five year agreement with mcch for the provison of innovative, competitive Telecare solutions.

Holly Lodge opened officially on April 17th.


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