Communication ServerThe business world is embracing the idea of dedicated server hosting fast becoming a sound alternative to traditional hosting. It’s become the logical solution for any business that needs a reliable and stable service without the disadvantages of shared website hosting.

The traditional hosting, like VPS, requires the business share resources with other businesses. This, of course, can lead to any number of problems including reduced speeds, greater risk of virus attacks and hacking, etc. Multiple users/companies sharing traffic, bandwidth and other server resources only increase the possibility of a mishap. If a virus has infiltrated their website and leaks, their problems become yours.

With a dedicated hosting server, the possibility of those problems is eliminated. A dedicated server belongs to your business and yours alone. That means you are sharing it with no one except authorized personnel. This ensures that the business website will perform with greater reliability and better stability. This will be the result of not having to share the resources the way you would with traditional hosting where servers are virtualized on a hosting node that’s shared by multiple clients.

Dedicated server hosting is seen as being out of most price ranges, especially for small business. It’s believed only organizations with large budgets or individuals with large, revenue generating websites can utilize the service. Yet, like most technology, the market has seen a boom over the years. Overall costs have dropped, making dedicated server hosting a more affordable option to anyone looking to maximize their websites potential and visitor experience.

Communication Server 2The greatest advantage to having a dedicated server is the complete use and control of the server’s resources. The performance of your website will not be affected by third party activity. For instance, in a traditional hosting situation, your business would be sharing a server with other businesses. Now, if one of those other businesses got DDOS’d, the entire network would be affected. Visitors to your site would be impacted.

All this is avoided with a dedicated server. Not only is no one else sharing it, you would have administrative rights. Upgrade, add, install and remove components as you please. Customize configurations of programs, easily manage and view server resources, monitoring them without the restrictions that would come if you were sharing the network.

Not sharing the server offers the business complete use of all resources. That means allowing your website traffic to flourish in the ultimate hosting environment. Maximize uptime and reliability as your website will always be fast and available. Traditional web hosting cannot promise this as the activity and factors of clients sharing the network could easily affect yours.

Before purchasing a dedicated server for your website, familiarize yourself with the market and terms. Discuss the issue with any IT people you know or an associate or friend in a similar situation that’s already taken the plunge. When looking at providers, take a close look at what they offer and how their resources fit your needs and how that affects the overall budget. A number of hosts only offer limited support. This might work for your bottom line, but it then requires you have the manpower to deal with certain server problems.

They may be lower priced, but shared website hosting cannot provide the stability and resources that comes with a dedicated server. Speed up your connection, enhance your visitor experience and take advantage of root/administrative access that gives you complete control of managing your website. Use the programs and tools you need, not the ones that traditional hosting allow to avoid conflict. It might be costly, but the initial investment will definitely be returned with exemplary results.

Brenda Panin is a blogger and a regular contributor to several tech blogs. She is interested in writing about new applications for smart phones, interesting web design ideas, cloud computing and server hosting.

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