• More than 26,000 jobs in Kent reliant on beer and pubs
  • The beer and pub industry adds £559m to Kent economy
  • Industry pays wages totalling £277m in Kent

The brewing and pub sector plays a vital role in the Kent economy, according to new figures released on website

Independent advisory firm Oxford Economics was commissioned by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) to conduct a major survey of Britain’s brewing and pub trade, showing the impact on jobs, wages, and the economy at a local level.

The report identifies 1,502 pubs and 28 breweries in Kent, and states that the brewing and pub sector contributes £559m to the county’s GDP, and £297.7m in taxes. A total of £38.8m is directly invested in the county by the industry.

It also shows that a total of 26,014 jobs in Kent are reliant on beer and pubs, 19,670 of them directly. The industry plays a pivotal role in the county’s youth employment, with 9,401 of those workers directly employed in the industry aged 16 to 24.

BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds said: “In Kent the brewing and pub sector is a dynamic part of the local economy. Historic and vibrant; it creates jobs, adds to the local economy and is at the centre of the hospitality industry, our cultural heritage and the social life of every community.”

The-brewing-and-pub-sector-is-vital-to-KentJonathan Neame, BBPA chairman and chief executive of Shepherd Neame based in Faversham, which directly employs around 1,200 staff at the brewery and in its 52 managed houses, and indirectly provides jobs for around 4,000 people across its tenanted estate, welcomed the findings of the report.

He said: “I am delighted that this report has identified the important role that the brewing and pub sector plays in the Kent economy, and indeed across the UK as a whole. The sector is performing well thanks to greater consumer confidence, improved weather conditions, and lower taxation on beer. As a consequence, after many years of decline, the beer market has grown.”

Indeed, following the release of the report, the BBPA is calling for the Government to cut beer duty for a third time in this year’s Budget on March 18.

Ms Simmonds said: “Our new website shows that beer and pubs provide huge numbers of local jobs, especially for young people. The last two years of duty cuts have made a real difference, saving jobs across the country, boosting investment and increasing confidence. But with beer duty still 36% higher than it was in 2008, we really need another cut.  I also hope MPs will take note of the huge local impact of”.

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