OfficeIn today’s modern office environments, taking time to promote a collaborative workforce is becoming an increasingly crucial component to achieving a successful business. Encouraging co-operation in the workplace can help to lift everyone’s spirits and boost team morale which will in turn, improve productivity and efficiency.

To facilitate a culture of collaboration in the workplace, simply follow these top tips:

Open plan layout

Having an open plan office can help to diminish unnatural hierarchies and facilitate a more connected workforce. Having all of, or the majority of, employees working in the same space will encourage open communication and foster creativity by allowing co-workers to bounce ideas off one another. For areas that demand a degree of privacy, office screens are a great alternative to enclosed offices and can simply be removed when not in use.

Open plan offices provide the opportunity for people from different parts of the business to work together and gain an insight into how their work may affect other people and vice versa. Likewise, having access to the same facilities as everyone else will create a sense of equality between employees. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to create modern open plan working spaces, with companies like Furniture at Work offering high-quality office furniture at affordable prices.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Whilst a business will naturally require some degree of management, having multi-functional teams will help to break down the divide between department teams and make collaboration an every-day activity. Bringing people from different disciplines to work together on joint tasks will combine a variety of skills and capabilities and help to get the job done quicker.

Mixing teams will also ensure collective responsibility over the companies success, in turn helping to build trust and rapport. Employees will be able to gain the big picture of the business as a whole and understand the nature of other people’s jobs, rather than just focusing on their own single tasks.

Break out rooms

To promote collaboration, it’s important that co-workers are able to get to know each other on both a social and professional level. Providing a fun and comfortable break out area can allow co-workers to take time away from work pressures and enhance morale. Providing a designated space for employees to socialise in breaks and lunch hours can have a knock-on effect by improving performance back in the office.

Other considerations

Encouraging socialising outside of working hours can also enhance collaboration at work. Many employees can work in a team for many years without really getting to know their colleagues, which can stifle communication and trust. Holding parties in the office or organising fun work outings can allow for co-workers to really get to know their colleagues and find out about their common interests or hobbies.

Holding regular meetings and creative brainstorming sessions can also encourage team problem solving and offer employees a welcome change of scenery from their workstation. When holding team meetings, it’s a good idea to invite people from other departments to get different perspectives and have the chance to learn new skills.