DSH Accountants KentDSH Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors is warning taxpayers not to be reeled in by a fake HM Revenue & Customs phishing scam.

The warning comes in response to a recent rise in fraudulent e-mails purportedly sent by HMRC. These e-mails usually notify the recipient of a sizeable tax rebate and ask for personal/financial information such as passwords and bank account details to be given so that this payment can be made.

Glen Thomas, Tax Partner, at DSH, based in Maidstone, said: “HMRC has made it clear that they do not send taxpayers e-mails regarding their tax affairs. Should you receive an e-mail purporting to be from HMRC you can safely assume that it is a scam and that it can be ignored.

“Whatever you do, do not follow any links in these e-mails as they will likely lead to all sorts of viruses infecting your computer, and do not provide any personal information, particularly bank details.”


HMRC has compiled a seven-point checklist to help people recognise a phishing e-mail.

Top tips include looking out for incorrect ‘From’ addresses, being wary of e-mails containing phrases like “you only have three days to reply” or “urgent action required” and being cautious of e-mails sent with a generic greeting such as “Dear Customer”.

Anyone who has received an HMRC-related phishing e-mail is asked to forward it to and then delete it.

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