Display Developments 2An Erith company is shedding fresh light on its business after installing LED lighting systems manufactured and supplied by Dartford-based 8point3 Ltd.

Display Developments was founded in 1956 and was one of the first fabricators of sheet plastics in the South East of England. Today its product range covers point of sale displays, office products, automotive parts and machine guards, among many others.

The company moved to its current, purpose-built, factory in Church Manorway, Erith in 2001. In keeping with its policy of continual investment in state-of-the-art energy-saving equipment, it recently upgraded the factory lighting to LED.

“We use LED lighting in some of our display products and so were aware of the advantages it brings in terms of energy savings,” said Stephen Graham, Managing Director of Display Developments.

“We also have an on-going relationship with C&D Sheet Metal Engineering, which is where 8point3 manufactures its products here in Erith, so it was natural that we should approach them to find out more.”

Display Developments

The company found the case for installing LED compelling, with projected energy savings of up to 80 per cent, reduced maintenance costs through the guaranteed economic viable life of 50,000 hours of the L70 system, and better lighting levels in the production area.

“The lighting installation was only completed in January, so it is too early to know for certain what the savings are, but the initial indications are 5,000 kWh per month,” said Stephen.

“As far as the working environment is concerned, the staff noticed a change in the type of light they were working under initially, but soon became used to it and I believe the quality of light in the building is now far superior to that of the traditional system it replaced. This is key to our business when inspecting clear acrylic for marks.”

8point3’s product range includes retrofit gear trays and complete luminaires suitable for offices, maintenance spaces and high bay work areas, with clients from the public and private sectors.

“Display Developments’ site in Erith is a perfect example of a building where LED lighting makes a real difference,” said Matt Azzopardi, Technical Director of 8point3. “Large, high bay work areas like those at Display Developments are just one of those that benefit from the more even distribution of light you get from LED fittings.

“Our products are made to meet each individual client’s needs. Any initial capital outlay can be recovered over a period of three or four years typically, and we provide each customer with a breakdown of how and when those costs will be repaid.”

For more details, visit www.8point3led.co.uk



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