Avante Chief Executive talks about his vision for care services Cedric Frederick, Avante Partnership Chief Executive, talks frankly in an interview with Trevor Sturgess, Business Editor at the Kent Messenger Group.

Avante Partnership cares for and serves more than 3,500 people and families of all ages, employs 2,000 staff and has a turnover of over £30m annually. Cedric explains,

“Avante Partnership is a charity, here to care for and support primarily older people, many with dementia, though we support children, young people and families and those with disabilities.”

“We have very strong Governance and Management teams, standing up for quality assurance and audit to oversee services to ensure the best possible care. Financially, we are aware of how difficult things are for the country. We need to work smarter, more efficiently and get best value for every pound income brought into the organisation. Our vision is to grow and diversify what we do to serve the community. We believe that if we fulfill that vision we will be successful long into the future.”

Cedric uses his experience as a former professional and international basketball player, to get the best out of the people in the organisation. He says,

“Basketball is the ultimate team sport, and my job at Avante Partnership is to help everyone in the team do well in their job.”


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