kent-science-parkBiologically positioned company AbBaltis has recorded outstanding growth at the end of only its fourth financial year in business. Based on Kent Science Park, AbBaltis serves In Vitro Diagnostic market by offering innovative, reliable, and quality products. The company also supplies a wide variety of Disease State Plasma and Residual Clinical Samples to companies worldwide.

AbBaltis started out as a European sales office when Managing director Giedre Brandao was operating solely on her own, quickly realising there were bigger opportunities in the industry. Development and growth saw Giedre take on two laboratories with high specification Research and Development facilities and more office space. Giedre now works with her team of five supply companies across the globe, including Europe, North America and Asia.

The company has seen a staggering 40% growth over the last year in an industry that grows, on average, only 7% annually. Perhaps even more impressively, the growth of AbBaltis has been entirely organic. Giedre has managed the success of her business by re-investing profit. She commented: “I wanted my business to be successful because it deserved to be, not because money had been pumped in from bank loans and other outside investment. We have had the opportunity to gain market-share and provide scientifically orientated products, which has really supported us going forward. We are able to supply companies faster than our competitors as we aim to be reactive”.

Giedre also invests heavily in her staff at AbBaltis, having recently taken on an apprentice and in the process of recruiting two new team members: “I want to create a working environment in which my staff are as happy as they can be, making sure they are just as passionate about what we are doing at AbBaltis as I am and wanting the business to grow. I am committed to investing in the future of our community and will work hard when it comes to giving back locally. I have recently hired an apprentice and also taken on work experience students; not to necessarily develop my business but to install the interest and passion I found in science back into the younger generation”.

Plans for the future of AbBaltis include breaking into Asia following the success the company has had in South Korea and China. Over the next few years, AbBaltis plan to expand and invest heavily in Research and Development, develop new allergy, auto-immune and infections treatment testing materials. Giedre commented on keeping her business growth organic, as expansion is imminent. She said: “Our company culture means that everyone understands what we are about. In order for this to happen, we must ensure that we don’t try and grow too quickly, but significantly in the right areas. Changes in the market will also determine the areas that we will need to plough forward in. We want to harness new discoveries and put together new products to assist our industry. Other diseases are always being discovered too and we would like to move into diagnostic kit production. Our aim at the end of the day is to provide the best care for patients as quickly as possible”.

Giedre added: “Being based at Kent Science Park has been conducive to our success as a business, supporting us entirely through our growth through the LaunchPad initiative. With the help of the Park, I want to ensure continued support for my employees. After all, personal fulfillment is just as important as making money!”

Giedre has worked closely with James Speck, Kent Science Park’s Site Director, over the last three years during the development. James spoke about Giedre’s continued success: “Giedre combines two things that are essential to success – real innovation and true entrepreneurial spirit. AbBaltis is a prime example of what Kent Science Park and our LaunchPad initiative is all about – providing a nurturing environment that can help businesses to grow. As part of the BEST Network, we also encourage businesses to grow nationally, ensuring the support of science and technology Parks across the country. I’m confident that AbBaltis will continue their extraordinary growth and expect to see more exciting things from them in the future.”

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