The Award Winning Pretty Prep Studios Has Opened A Wedding Studio In Tonbridge


Tucked away in a picturesque Grade II listed barn in East Peckham, this studio emerges as a breathtaking, spacious haven, thoughtfully crafted to meet every need on your special morning.

With four elegant styling stations, the struggle for mirror space and power outlets is a thing of the past. Lighting plays a pivotal role in wedding preparations. As multiple individuals receive professional makeup services, abundant natural light is essential. The Pretty Prep Studios: Tonbridge addresses this with a generous wall of windows bathing the space in sunlight, complemented by natural daylight strip lighting to ensure impeccable illumination.

At the core of the studio lies the iconic seating area, complete with a plush sofa, chic accent chairs, and an eye-catching statement mirror wall. The studio also features a kitchen and dining space for light refreshments and celebratory toasts. Adjacent to this is a capacious dressing room, equipped with a wall of full-length mirrors and high hooks for dress hanging.

Alice, the owner of The Pretty Prep Studios: Tonbridge, shares, “The studio is not only visually stunning but also immensely practical, addressing common wedding day emergencies. Essentials like a sewing kit, safety pins, umbrellas, and a steamer are readily available. The highlight for me is the extendable dressing tables, offering ample space for makeup artists and hairdressers to work their magic.”

Wedding mornings often kick off at the crack of dawn, yet access to bridal suites at some venues may be restricted until later. The Pretty Prep Studios breaks away from this limitation, welcoming you as early as desired and remaining exclusively yours until the departure for your wedding.

With its doors now open, The Pretty Prep Studios is set to become a cherished part of wedding day memories for countless Tonbridge brides-to-be.


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