KSP-James-SpeckKent Science Park is sending the message that Kent is a place where businesses can come to expand, as it invests over £10.5 million in developing space onsite. The developments, which will take place over the course of the next 18 months will be a combination of refurbishing existing buildings as well as building completely new units.

The work will involve the refurbishment of a previously redundant building at a cost of around £400,000, with occupiers due to move in upon completion in August. The Park is also investing £70,000 on developing an analytical laboratory in a separate building for a new tenant.

Whilst this is a significant investment in renovating existing space, an even bigger investment is scheduled to begin this month, when the Park will break ground on the Tech II development – two new units will offer 40,000sq ft of space. The Tech II development is due to be completed early 2014 at a cost of around £10m.

These new undertakings follow the investment of £1.5 million to create 15,000 sq ft in additional laboratory space onsite, which was completed in November last year and is now in full use.

Site Director James Speck commented:

“These are exciting times here at Kent Science Park. The growth of existing tenants onsite, and new tenants relocating to the park, have necessitated the development of more laboratory space. For example we have created a second laboratory for growing company AbBaltis.

“The start of the Tech II development is a direct response to the growing number of requests we are receiving for bespoke research and development space.”

Any enquiries relating to available space onsite should be directed to the site management team in the first instance.



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