startup-business-ideasIf you are looking for a new career, or want to work for yourself, then now may be the best time to do it. The one thing that you have to realise when becoming Self Employed, is that you will not be protected by a company, as most employed people are. You do not get the same benefits and need to plan for retirement, and illness, as initially, when you start your own business, your income will be varied, and not always guaranteed.

You need to choose a business that people need and will want to use on a regular basis, such as:

Mobile Hairdresser – Wherever you live, people always want their hair cut, and if you are qualified as a hairdresser, you only need minimum equipment to start working for yourself. With advertising such as flyers, business cards or social networking, you will have a full appointment book in no time! Do your homework, and look at what the hairdressing shops in Kent charge, and other mobile hairdressers in the area, then decide on prices to suit.

Driving Instructor – If you have a car, that can be easily adapted, and have a PDI or ADI qualification, you can become a driving instructor. For protection, and help, you can buy a driving school franchise, which means that experienced instructors will assist you to start up your business and you can start earning immediately. This takes away a lot of the stress, and advertising your business is all done for you, with the added advantage of guaranteed pupils from companies such as Drive Dynamics. You will be able to plan your routes around the beautiful Kent countryside for your driving lessons, stress free!

Window Cleaner – Every house in the county of Kent has windows that need cleaning, and it is the upstairs windows that people tend to struggle to clean themselves! Check all areas, and see if they have a window cleaner, then check prices of the opposition, to plan your own. You only need a ladder, access to water, a van and cleaning materials, and with good advertising and decent weather, you can start to earn straight away!

Handyman – Many people in Kent, do not have the manual skills to put up shelves, decorate, or hang a new door. If you have the ability to do maintenance jobs, and have a good tool kit, and transport, you can start to advertise your skills, in shop windows, flyers or online. If you get happy customers to give you a reference, it will help you to build up your reputation!

Many people are choosing to work for themselves, and so long as you research well, plan ahead, and start off small, your business has every chance of becoming a success!

About the Author: John Zumwalt is a motoring enthusiast and small business coach; in his spare time, he loves to write about pretty much anything involving cars and business.



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