A new system has been launched aimed at helping retail locations of all sizes manage their capacity following the lifting of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the UK.  Requiring nothing more than the app being installed onto an iOS or Android device, “Customer Check-In” can be used to track and monitor customer footfall in real-time, together with queue management once store capacity is reached.  This ensures that social distancing for both customers & staff is maintained.

The app is the brainchild of furloughed Web Developer Paul Hulatt from Rainham (Kent), who has turned his lockdown attentions to the business community after previously launching the hugely popular consumer app “Supermarket Check-In”, downloaded by nearly ¾ million people since launch in mid-April.

Paul Hulatt

Paul Hulatt said: “With the importance of maintaining social distancing for both customers & staff once non-essential shops were allowed to reopen, I had the idea of developing a simple to use solution that could be used by retail locations of all sizes.  So, whether it’s for a small corner shop with a capacity of 2-3 people, or a multi-entrance mall with one of 2-3,000, Customer Check-In has been designed to help.

“The app supports multiple users & entrances, all being tracked in real-time with a central count so that you’ll always know how many people are on-site.  Running on iOS or Android, it requires nothing more than a compatible device per entrance you want to track with no other expensive hardware required.”

Also featured is the ability to display a “traffic light” entry system, similar to that being installed by Aldi, via the free Android companion app “CCI Traffic Lights”.  This can be installed onto an inexpensive tablet, mounted on or near the entrance door, and gives customers a clear visible indication when it is safe to enter and is ideal for small single person locations, or larger retailers monitoring footfall remotely.

Customer Check-In is available to download for Apple & Android devices from the App Store & Google Play now from the following links:

App Store Link (iOS)

Google Play Link (Android)

Businesses interested in finding out more about Customer Check-In or those that have bespoke needs can contact

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