New Business Network and Support Launched To Boost Green Economy

 A new green business mapping and pilot support programme has been launched for the South East. The Clean Growth South East programme is led by Kent County Council, with funding secured from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership’s Sector Support Fund.  The programme provides updated insights into the challenges and opportunities for businesses across a range of low carbon, renewable energy, and environmental goods and services sectors – i.e all key sectors that directly deliver against the UK Government’s 10-point-plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, responding to Climate Emergencies declared by many local councils across the country, and supporting the South East’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

Businesses of Kent seeking clean growth are invited to register their interest in this new programme offering insights into the emerging opportunities and practical measures to support local clean growth.

Clean growth sectors include, but are not limited to low carbon and renewable electricity generation and their supply chains.  The programme can help companies working across:

  • Renewable Energy (wind, solar, nuclear, etc.);
  • Bioenergy, forestry and timber;
  • Manufacturers;
  • Engineering suppliers of energy-efficient products;
  • Environmental products and services;
  • Waste management;
  • Sustainable construction;
  • And low carbon financial and advisory services).

Based on research compiled by Opergy, who have been contracted to support the development and delivery of the programme, more than 12,400 businesses currently active in sectors and industries that contribute to clean growth across the region, contributing around £5.98 billion to the South East economy. The sectors already employmore than 84,800 people, which has grown by 16% since 2015, with thousands of new jobs that could be created by 2050.  

Significant new investment is projected in low carbon and renewable energy projects across the South East region;

  • more than £62 billion is forecast in offshore wind projects off the South and East England coastline and accessible from regional ports between 2021 – 2050, which could support a further £1 billion per year in operational costs, creating local jobs; 
  • A further £60 million capital investments are forecast in other low carbon and renewable energy projects in this timeframe including new nuclear, solar, power transmission and transport.

Clean Growth South East is establishing a new network for businesses to access insights and advice to better understand the clean growth landscape, and to identify new opportunities that could support local business growth. It  will also deliver a range of industry insights, briefings on emerging sectors and technologies, all designed to highlighting opportunities for South East businesses. Registered businesses will be able to attend a series of targeted events and workshops and receive regular updates on project and contract opportunities.


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