Now that the Coca Cola advert has officially been aired in the UK, we deem it acceptable for businesses to get festive and embrace the time of year. Alas, there is a fine line between adding a dash of Christmas sparkle to your website, going all out on the Christmas cheese or ignoring the occasion altogether.

If you’re not sure where the balance lies, our favourite Bromley web design company Ecce Media have formed a Naughty and Nice Christmas Web Design list that will guide you through their festive favourites and scorn those who push the Christmas overload boundaries! Over to them:


As you’d expect from Marks & Spencer, they‘ve perfected the Christmas look. Strategically placed snowflakes, coupled with a scenic winter setting and ribbony Christmas font, you feel warm and snuggly just looking at their homepage. It’s not just any Christmas…

m and s

Clarks seamlessly link their cosy yet practical boots with a “Winter Warmers” headline that makes us want to throw on our boots on and run into the crisp winter air. The homepage includes a number of festive references including decorations, pine cones, ribbons and gifts, thoughtfully placed to whet our Christmas appetite but not detract from the end product. Win!


What’s not to love about Lakeland’s gingerbread led Christmas page. It’s homely, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it uses a simple shade of gold to stay consistent with the brand. Just lovely!



Understandably when you are shifting products for a £1, it’s hard to find the pennies to invest in a beautiful site. By throwing every colour under the sun at their homepage, Poundland have succeeded in scaring away any potential bargain hunters with psychedelic Christmas overload. Back of the class!


As a jewellers, it’s reasonable to expect a few sparkles but H Samuel have really gone overboard. Whilst we appreciate they’ve kept their designs into neat boxes, the colour clashes, garish shades of red and green, and large shouty copy doesn’t inspire us to spend.

h samuel

Clearly Topman are “too cool” to acknowledge Christmas, barely mentioning our favourite holiday. Considering it’s a key gift buying occasion, they’ve stretched to a tiny “Christmas Shop” heading and hinted at a selection of Christmas jumpers. Lame!

That is from the web designers at Ecce Media so we hope you enjoyed our tongue-in-cheek take on Christmas website designs! If you’d like to add your website to the “Nice” list then get in touch.



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