Maidstone Borough Council’s Go Green Go Wild project is inviting applications for funding from its Small Grants Scheme which is open now.

The Small Grants Scheme is an initiative of Go Green Go Wild which supports community groups to actively engage with nature and wildlife. Applications for the grant – worth up to £250 for an individual project, are welcome from any constituted group with an existing affiliation to a park, open space or community garden across the borough of Maidstone.

Nicola Toulson, MBC Community Partnership Officer said: “We are delighted to be able to introduce the Go Green Go Wild Small Grants Scheme and are encouraging all those local projects and wildlife groups that may need a little help to develop their green spaces to apply.

“Go Green Go Wild was introduced to help improve biodiversity, create wildlife corridors, encourage native species and provide habitats, so that wildlife can thrive throughout Maidstone. The green spaces around us, whether an open meadow, a grass verge, back garden or even a window box, not only provide an attractive environment to live and visit but they also provide important habitats for an array of wildlife.”

Appropriate groups who may apply for a Small Grant include

  • A friends of park group
  • Residents Association
  • Nature Reserve Trust
  • Community Group

Groups who qualify for a Small Grant include:

  • Those registered on the Go Green Go Wild webpage
  • A non-profit making or constituted group
  • Those who will use the funding to improve a park, open space or community garden, making it more appealing to the community and desirable to nature and wildlife

Projects that will be considered for funding include:

  • Those requiring equipment, materials and tools
  • Wildlife projects
  • Clean-up projects
  • Biodiversity improvements
  • Tree planting

For those who are not constituted group can work with their local Parish Council or ‘Friends Of’ group to apply on their behalf.

The Small Grant Scheme is open for applications until 5pm Wednesday 31 July,2019. Each group can apply for up to £250 for an individual project. (Outstanding projects may be awarded more.) 

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