Kent Fruit Specialist Cultivates Growth Plans With HSBC UK Support


Leading Kent fruit growing and processing specialist, Fourayes, has secured a six-figure HSBC UK Equipment Finance facility to support the purchase of innovative new peeling, coring and seed-celling machinery for processing English Bramley apples.

The UK’s number one grower and processor of fruit, Fourayes is a leading supplier to all major manufacturers of baked goods. Over the past twelve months the company has seen a marked increase in the demand for its products, particularly across its ‘Utterly Fruity’ range, designed for use in hot cross buns and a wide range of baked goods and dairy products.

The new machinery has numerous sustainability benefits, ensuring increased through-put of products, as well as eradicating the potential for overpeeling. The system uses the most advanced technology to record and log the complex peeling, coring and seed-celling process, delivering enhanced food safety standards. This enables Fourayes staff to focus specifically on achieving high levels of quality control which go way beyond fruit.

Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Chief Financial Officer of Fourayes Farm, said: “We had previously leased our English Bramley apple peeling, coring and seed-celling equipment, but the HSBC UK Equipment Finance facility has given us the freedom to purchase and create a totally bespoke and unique unit to match our specific technology requirements. We need the increased production capability due to a new growing method we have pioneered for the Bramley Apple, called close planting.

“Our company continues to enjoy substantial growth and the new equipment will not only further support our future business strategy but continue to ensure the best quality English Bramley apple products are available for customers across the UK and Europe.” 

Graeme Alston, HSBC UK Deputy Area Director for the South East said: “As the leading grower and processor of fruit in the UK, we were delighted to support the team at Fourayes to purchase outright this innovative technology. The new machinery will support the business’ future growth and further strengthen its market dominance.”

Fourayes is the largest commercial jam manufacturer and fruit processor for bakeries, desserts and dairy products. Its range of products includes fruit fillings, commercial fruit jams, processed English Bramley apple and mincemeat, and Fourayes is also industry leading in the hot cross bun market with its Utterly Fruity and New Utterly Fruity products. The company also supplies a range of puree products to manufacturers across Europe.

The English Bramley apple close planting method pioneered in Fourayes orchards delivers a vastly increased crop yield, meeting high quality standards and creating increased demand for the highly efficient new machinery.

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