Ecce mediaThe facts speak for themselves, providing content for mobile users is not just a strategic imperative, but an obligation.

In 2011, 353 million PC’s were sold globally, however this figure is set to contract by 1.2% to 349 million in 2012 (Source: HIS iSuppli). This is the first decline since the bubble burst way back in 2001.

Bring on the tablet! As we all know, the industry of smartphones and tablets is booming.  Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Microsoft have all dabbled, some more successfully than others. According to Pew (a US research company) 11% of American adults owned a tablet in July 2011, and by August, this number had shot up to 25%.

So all of us are aware of the trend, and don’t see it changing in the near future, but what does this mean for businesses?

Changes in user device usage means substantial growth is expected in this market. Barclays Corporate predicts that British consumers will be spending a whopping £20 billion per year on their mobile and tablet devices, within the next 10 years.

Technology media are awash with articles, blogs and discussions over the development of separate mobile sites vs responsive design (onsite fits all), and clearly both options have their merits. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, there is one vital factor: providing content for mobile users is not just a strategic imperative, but an obligation.

The worst strategy for developing smartphone and tablet friendly sites is to do nothing at all. The facts tell a clear story that modern consumers are moving away from typical PC web browsing, and it’s vital that businesses respond to this change.

The web development experts at Ecce Media recommend that every organisation assesses their own website requirements based on their business strategies and objectives. Dedicate time to weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of responsive website design vs mobile optimised sites. Neither option is faultless, but it’s likely that one solution will better suit your needs, target audience, technical capabilities and budget.

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