internet-explorerRecent reports have warned businesses to avoid using Internet Explorer – at least until Microsoft fix a bug that is leaving millions vulnerable to hackers. Whilst this problem will affect individuals as well as companies, the wealth of business data that could potentially be open to hackers means that those in the corporate world are likely to be targeted first.

Reports went on to suggest that, whilst an array of different operating systems will have been affected by the issue, those using XP are at the greatest risk – a system that is currently on over 430 million computers around the globe.

So what should businesses do in light of these issues?

The solution is relatively straightforward. Whilst businesses may well be used to using Internet Explorer and feel comfortable with its layout, there are plenty of other internet browsers available for businesses to use. In turn, not only might swapping to a new internet browser help businesses to avoid the safety risks associated with using Microsoft’s flagship browser, but moving to a new option may also actually speed up processes for companies at the very same time.

For those who feel they simply cannot do without the browser they know and love, disabling the Flash plug-in may help, but having to switch to a new alternative to Explorer may well be a blessing in disguise, allowing businesses to maximise their online potential. So what are the benefits of the different alternatives?


Firefox has long been hailed as king of the browsers, being reliable and extremely fast whilst offering a very effective and intuitive browser experience. It is also extremely secure and offers automatic updates to ensure users always have the best and safest experience.


Efficient and very straightforward, Google’s Chrome browser is extremely easy to use. It removes a great deal of the clutter that can be apparent on other browsers whilst offering super-fast loading of pages. The drawbacks, however, are a lack of add-on potential and an inability to easily sort browsing history.


Apple’s Safari browser is the internet gateway of choice for a great many Mac users, yet it has so far failed to make any major impact on the world of PCs. That being said, in a world very comfortable with iPhones and iPads, this may well be set to change, and there are a few good reasons to look at the browser. Recent searches are easy to view and manage, and the same goes for browsing history. Many people suggest that Safari is a faster option too, although the fact that it tends to be used predominantly on Apple products may be a reason for this faster load time.

Choosing a Browser

Ultimately, different people will have their own favourite browsers and the way they use the internet may have a significant impact on this. Try different options before you make a final choice, and you may even find that, by choosing one that loads faster than Explorer, you can utilise your business time more effectively and, in extreme cases, that you can even opt for more favourably priced business internet deals as a result.

Author bio: Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He writes regular articles about business communications, visiting sites such as Chess Telecom to stay up to date with all the latest industry news.

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