ted-x-folkestoneControl over how personal data is disseminated and used has been tipped back in to the control of the individual rather than businesses and institutions, according to an expert who will be addressing an event in Kent this summer.

Soti Coker is the founder of DataChronicle, an expert on analytics and digital marketing, and one of the speakers at TEDxFolkestone.

Ahead of his appearance at the event at The Quarterhouse on Saturday, June 23, Soti said the publicity surrounding the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal and the introduction of GDPR this month had brought to the fore issues people had largely accepted without question previously.

“The telling thing about the Cambridge Analytica story was that people were largely outraged, but not surprised,” said Soti.

“People kind of knew unknown parties had access to their data but were ambivalent about it. This story highlighted that there are good and bad uses of data and made individuals far more aware of the issues and risks involved.”

Soti added that the increased awareness caused by the Cambridge Analytica controversy coupled with the introduction of GDPR regulations were a good thing.

Soti will be exploring more about the use of data and its part in the Next Big Idea during his talk at TEDxFolkestone.

He is one of 11 thought-provoking speakers for the 2018 event, entitled Courage to Step Beyond.

Others include Lucy Beresford, writer, psychotherapist and broadcaster on LBC Radio; Britt Whyatt, baker and author of the SheWhoBakes blog; and Cathy Sugden, The Horseback Heroine.

The event is designed to champion inspiration, innovation, collaboration and leadership.

Themes for the talks include how individuals deal with situations requiring personal and collective courage, whether it’s saving a life, surviving infidelity, and broader issues such as globalisation, education, and the next big idea.

Tickets for TEDxFolkestone 2018 are available from the Folkestone Quarterhouse booking office or via

Further information on the event can be found at


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