You might find writing business reports challenging, laborious, out of your comfort zone. However, if you have done one of these professional Excel Training Courses then a job such being a PA there is a fair chance that you’ll have to write business reports from time to time and these professional Excel Training Courses make you more confident and different from others. Again this might not be the most glamorous side of being in business, however it is important and business reports are typically a key first step towards better corporate action. Here are five ways to improve how you write business reports:


  • One fast-track to writing better reports is to take a report writing course. Report writing training will address various aspects of report writing, and there are now plenty of courses available online.
  • A business report needs to carry all of the pertinent information. You should never compromise the accuracy of a business report for the sake of another consideration, such as style.
  • However, the way your report looks is indeed important. Just like a webpage it needs to have navigability and a reader should be able to skim read and find the information that they’re looking for.


  • Offer up your own innovation; perhaps include a recommended action section. Don’t necessarily include this, depending on the work you’re doing, however it can show your independence of thought, commitment to the company etc.
  • Your personality can still break through even the most boring business report. One way to make business reports more personal, and more readable, is to write it in the first person.


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