Dovetail Staff KentKent Science Park-based business Dovetail Services came up with a comfortable idea to raise money for charity, after it encouraged its employees to come to work in their pyjamas. Staff came to work in dressing gowns and onesies and tried their best to stay warm in the cold November weather!

Doing their best not to fall asleep at their desks despite their bedtime clothing, the 250-strong employees were raising money and awareness for MagAid, one of Dovetail’s chosen charities. MagAid gives children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds access to reading material of their choice, in order to help them to improve their literacy.

In total, Dovetail raised £805.20 for the charity.

Nick McIntosh, Account Executive at Dovetail Services is part of the team who created the idea, and spoke about why they had organised the day:

“We do a lot to raise money for charity here at Dovetail, and we’re constantly trying to come up with ideas of something to do that’s a bit different. I think the pyjama day worked because it was a fun thing for people to get involved with, without them having to work hard on elaborate costumes – most people have pyjamas, dressing gowns or even onesies that they wear at home!

“We asked everyone to donate £2 to wear their PJs for the day, so we’re thrilled to have raised £805.20. All the money is going to an extremely worthwhile cause, and we’ll be organising similar activities throughout 2013 to raise additional funds.”

James Speck, Site Director at Kent Science Park, also commented:

“We’re delighted to see so many of our tenants organising events such as this one to raise money for charities. People might think Dovetail’s staff are bananas to be in pyjamas in the middle of November, but for me it just highlights the extraordinarily lengths the staff here will go to in order to fundraise.”



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