cars-from-kentA brand new concept in buying and selling local used cars has been launched by two Kent entrepreneurs. is totally Kent-based and boasts considerably lower advertising costs than the national market leaders.

Mitchell White and Piperis Filippaios, the Directors of the business based in Canterbury saw an opportunity to offer local car dealers and private sellers a better deal when listing their cars online. The local nature of the business means sellers are able to reach their ideal target audience, within reasonable distance making the whole process of selling a car much easier.

cars-for-kent-logo“Car dealers are constantly faced with rising costs on national websites,” said Mitch. “In some cases the prices are so high dealers actually face going out of business. We aim to provide a high quality and cost effective alternative, so we launched CarsFromKent. So far we are delighted with the launch and already have over 2,500 cars listed.”

Local car dealers are already getting excited about the site, with used car dealer Daniel Peattie from DP Vehicles saying “As a car dealer the site is perfect: The rates are very reasonable and all the cars are uploaded on our behalf, enabling us to focus on sales.”

Private sellers are also able to list their cars, with Gary Mickelborough, 27 from Ashford being one of the first. He said “I listed my car and within one week it was sold: a great site that was cheap, easy to use, and the buyer was only half an hour away.”

cars-for-kent-2Mitchell and Piperis are hopeful that the site will grow to become the go-to site for buyers and sellers in Kent. Between them, Mitchell and Piperis have a wealth of experience in the online car industry and website design, which will hopefully spell success for the site.

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