ardo ukWork has begun on a £4 million project to expand Ardo UK’s state-of-the-art cold store at Charing.

The frozen fruit and vegetable specialist is increasing the size of the facility by more than 20 percent, taking overall storage capacity from 19,000 to 23,200 pallets.

The extension will be fully integrated with the existing cold store and feature the same space-efficient mobile racking system and sensor-controlled, low-energy LED lighting.

“Our cold store is just off the M20 and close to the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel, making us an attractive location for companies bringing in frozen goods from mainland Europe,” said Ardo UK Supply Chain and Inventory Director Jon Barnes.

“Although cold storage is not our core business, it is an important additional source of income that helps make sure we remain a financially sustainable business.”

In addition to the increased freezer space, the development will include new loading docks able to accommodate double-decker trailers.

Jon Barnes added: “Improved handling facilities and extra space all make for added flexibility and help us continue to improve and grow our cold store operation.

“The start of work on the extension follows a record performance by the business last year and our success in being named Frozen Food Manufacturer of the Year in 2013.”

Ardo UK opened its current site in Charing in 2000, expanding it in 2010 with a new factory, packaging store and cold store extension. The new development is scheduled to be finished by October this year.

Acoustic fencing and low level lighting will be used to ensure minimum light and noise disruption.


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